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13 Apr

Mollie on Music – Into the Ark

Music has always been and will always be my first love, so it seems the natural thing for me to keep you guys up to date with new bands and songs that I’m loving. There’s so many great ways to hear about new bands these days so it was a surprise when I found a band I genuinely loved through something as mainstream as The Voice. I normally like to find new acts in less of an obvious way but this year I totally fell for Into The Ark. Their arrangements of the well known pop songs they performed week after week were totally up my alley – filled with harmonies, stripped back on guitar, and letting the vocals “sing” for themselves! Whether it was their cover of Ray La Montagne, who is a personal favourite of mine already, or their take on Drake’s Hold On, they nailed it for me every time! 

I was lucky enough to catch up with the boys less than 24hrs after the final. Here’s what they had to say…. 

Mollie King