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12 Mar

Let It Snow

Skiing is one of my all time favourite hobbies.  I skied a lot when i was younger and was selected for the Great Britain Children’s Team when i was 11 years old.  I used to travel all over the world with the team, i absolutely loved it.  Now that I’m older i don’t race any more but i do still love to throw myself down the mountain as fast as physically possible! …Yes, the word nutcase springs to mind!  This trip was definitely more leisurely though, packed with long lunches and coffee breaks but it still gave me the adrenaline fix i crave!  Chamonix, France, was our chosen destination, which is known for being picturesque, having plenty of apres-ski and a huge choice of runs to whizz down!  Here’s a short video of the trip… Come and race me if you dare!  Until next time… 

From Chamonix with love,

Mollie King