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7 Jan

Sandals vs Flip-Flops

What a way to start 2017!  I always love starting a new year – new resolutions, new dreams and new goals, but in all honesty i always hate January.  I think i love the lead up to Christmas so much that when it’s over i always find January a bit of a slog, especially with our British weather.  I decided all this was going to change this year and instead of sitting at home feeling glum, started it off with a bang.  I booked flights out to Jamaica and spent the first week of 2017 chilling out and having some fun in the sun before the manic year ahead.  The minute i put my seat back onboard the flight and had a small glass of champagne to celebrate, i knew it was going to be a trip i wouldn’t regret.  

We touched down in Montego Bay, which is quite built up and then travelled 1.5 hours over to the Sandals South Coast resort.  Words cannot describe how incredibly spectacular and beautiful this resort is.  It was absolutely breathtaking, with white sand and blue seas, it was truly paradise.  We arrived to be greeted by a lovely local Jamaican lady who showed us to our room which opened up directly onto the beach, and walked us around the entire complex, pointing out everything including the tennis courts, spa, basketball courts – you name it they had it.  There were 9 different types of cuisine available in the numerous restaurants – italian, pan asian, french, japanese and a mixed cuisine buffet, just to name a few.  My eyes lit up when i heard that the french cuisine was in fact a 24hr bakery full of endless crepes, croissants, muffins, coffees, macaroons…  It was quite literally endless treats galore.  The chocolate crepes became a daily snack of mine (something i had to put a stop to the minute i landed back in London) …it’s a good job they had lots of activities to burn those off!! 

Paddle boarding, waterskiing, water polo and kayaking were just a few of the activities you could enrol yourself in, and thats just on the water!!  I, of course, being the embarrassingly competitive person i am, signed straight up to the water polo competition, but unfortunately for me, the second It began, it became very apparent that i was in fact the worst by a long, long way!! …Someone could’ve told me the other American guests had all played water polo in school, growing up. Haha!! 

Another very memorable moment, for a totally different reason, was when we found the beachfront bar, and by this i mean it was literally over the water, with 360 degree views.  It was so chic, the only way i can describe it is like a James Bond bar. It was just ridiculously cool.  It even had hammocks hanging off it, so you were floating above the water – a risky choice to lay in after a few drinks, haha!

Overall it was truly an experience i will never forget.  Here are some of the photos i took while i was there.  Take a sip of a mojito and park yourself in front of a hot radiator and try to imagine you’re there!…

From Jamaica with love,

Mollie King